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Not Enough Free Space No Matter What I Do



I'm using Toast 9 to burn a Blu-ray disc. Every time I get the message "There's not enough free space on this disc: 25.35 GB are needed, 22.56 are available."


Here's the head-scratcher. I've adjusted my content average bit rate and maximum bit rate several times to get the size down and have set re-encoding to always. The built-in estimator says I'm down to 18.85 GB for my content, but that doesn't seem to matter. When I tried to fill up the disk at just under 25 GB I got the message that I needed 25.35. When I tried to get just under 22.56 I got the message that I needed 25.35 etc etc etc.


Why does it continue to insist on 25.35 GB and how do I break the cycle?


I've tried creating a new project file from the ground-up.


I'm encoding Mpeg-4 AVC from a photojpg master file. Short test burns have gone fine.

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This is sort of like burning a DVD, accept that Blu-ray discs hold much more content. I remember back when I was burning a 4.7GB DVD and I was converting the video from a dual layer source disc. I was told I would need 16GB to complete the operation, and that was simply for a 4.7GB disc. I imagine some extra space above and beyond the data being copied to the disc is needed. I don't personally have a Blu-ray burner though so I haven't played around with the various sizes yet to know how much space is a good amount to have available. I can tell you this though, there is no way to work around it, just free up however much space it says you need.

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