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How Do You Do A Clean Install W/ No Disc?



I've had to do a clean install twice, and I have the EMC 10 disc to re-install the program after getting it out of the nooks & crannies of my pc following the clean install instructions.


In another post, the op had only downloaded the program, and did not have a disc to perform the re-install after wiping the EMC 10 program from his pc. Which raised the question I now ask: how can someone w/o an installation disc effectuate a clean install?

Can you just go back and re-download the program? Is there is a time limit? .... confused7.gif


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The downloaded version is stored on your PC then run from there.


When a reinstall is needed, run it again…


If a user was silly enough to delete the one and only copy of his program… Download it again. (although, Darwin would probably say that we really don't need his contribution in the gene pool)


I think it will allow 4, downloads before locking the purchaser out. At that point they could contact Customer Service and have it reset.


We would hope that by this point the purchaser of a Burning program would have enough sense to burn a copy???


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The best option would be to make a backup of the files that you downloaded, that way, no matter what happens you will be able to reinstall. If you have to download again, make a backup of that download. I believe there is both a time limit and a number of downloads limit.

That makes sense; thanks.

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If you take the Download and right click it you should be able to extract the contents.

Extract to a folder on your desktop and then make a DVD of that folder.You'll now have the program on a DVD.

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