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Label Creator Emc 10 - Smart Obj / Auto Fill



I am a novice at using Label Creator, but not in using Roxio software.


When I have tried to create the back panel for a standard audio jewel case, I have tried the "Auto-Fill from Disc" feature to list artist / cd title / track info. However no information is retrieved --> listed as New Artist / New Title / Track 1 etc.


I know that this information is available because I can open "Tools / Disc Information" program from within the Suite and see all the details of the CD


I have checked the Label Creator / Tools / Options, but the Online Music Database option is greyed-out and no selections can be turned on.


I would appreciate any help

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As far as the workaround that Jean mentions you don't need to actually burn the disc.You can add all the tracks and Gracenote will find them.When you get them all added just go to Tools,Create Disc Labels and Inserts and Express Label Creator will open with the info already there.Now just print the label.Make sure when you go to page 2 that you don't hit Auto Fill from Disc.

Go back to Music Disc Creator and cancel the project.Make sure to let it delete temporary files and the tracks you added from the cd.

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My version 10.0 [Label Creator and Express Labeler] will autofill from Gracenote when working in XP or in Vista, just like Jim's.

If the install hasn't been broken, you shouldn't need a workaround.


If the CD is not known to Gracenote's CDDB but has CD-Text embedded, then the programs will autofill from the CD-Text.




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I have tested this just now and found that Gracenotes does not seem to work from Label creator 10. It will do so from Disc information, which is why you see the track names there. (it also does from media import and music disc creator)

Label creator apparently will only autofill if the Audio CD includes the CDtext.


I did the following: commercial CD, using the HACP player, it shows just track1, track2, etc., so that CD does not have CDText, but CD information and other Roxio apps (except Label Creator, apparently) gets the info with Gracenotes.


However, for an audio CD that I made myself, including CDText, Label creator autofill works.

So the work around would be to use Music Disc creator, import from CD, then burn to a new CD, making sure CDtext is checked in the settings. You can use a CD RW for this purpose, to avoid wasting CDs.


I'll report this apparent bug.


PS I did check in Label Creator, Tools, options, that Enable Audio CD information download is checked.

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Having same problem as CaptnHowdy. Performed clean install per instructions; ran without background apps; tried reinstalling under new user account with admin priviledges; updated DirectX and still can't get Label Creator to autofill. The enable music database section under Tools>Options is still greyed-out/inaccessible. The lower half of the window is accessible, however. Music Disc Creator and Suite have no problems playing nice with Gracenote...track info downloads just fine. There appears to be a bug in Label Creator.


Anyone have any other ideas?



EMC 10.1 under Vista Ultimate

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I have a full stand-alone boxed version I purchased at retail.

Then it is time for a Clean Install – Here


New Project:



Auto Fill in Progress: (note the Gracenote logo






If there is something I am doing that is different from what you are doing, let me know and I will retest.


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