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Master Mixed Mode Cd



Am restoring my lp vinyls in the mixed mode cd. Each master will have the audio portion and the data portion which includes some jpgs, txt file and two .rcl files. One is the master and the other I would like to use for burning new audio cds from the master.


The process to date is to burn the master with the audio.rcl included. The audio.rcl was made from the master while inserted into drive e. When the files are loaded in creator classic and the burn button clicked a message asks to insert the disc into drive e. The work around is to load the files from e drive and then add them to the audio I want to burn. However, all the tracks have to be renamed as they are added as track1 track2 etc.


Is there a better way?





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I'll take a shot at throwing some ideas at you.

I am assuming you want to end up with a cd that is playable on most any standard cd player, but also have access to jpg's, etc. if used on a computer.


I am also assuming you have ripped the analog audio to your hard disk as .wav or .mp3 files and want to burn from there.


As I recall - a "mixed mode" cd will intersperse the audio tracks and data files in the same session on the resulting cd. I expect this will cause fits on most any standard digital audio cd player.


I suggest you switch to an "enhanced cd" project instead. The resulting cd made this way will put all the standard digital audio tracks in the first session on the cd (which is all a cd player will see and should play just fine), and the files, etc. that you want on there in the 2nd session (which your computer will see and actually default to when first loaded).


When you drag and drop the audio files to the audio track section of the project, it will simply call them "track 1" etc. if no track name is available in the source file. You should be able to right click that "track 1" name - and then change it to whatever you want in the bottom window before burning. If you want those names actually stored on the resulting cd, you should enable "cd-text" in the project properties before burning, assuming your burner supports cd-text. Keep in mind that you will see those track names when playing the music only if the player itself also supports cd-text.

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Thanx for the reply. I tried the enhanced mode couple of days ago and it seems to do what I want it to. However, I was not successful in getting the cd to play on a home audio systems. I'll keep trying.


I will try your suggestion of doing the text thing.


Does your cd player refuse to recognize the disc completely or does it not behave correctly after starting to play?

Does your newly burned enhanced cd play anywhere?

What media are you using?

What type of cd player?

Many cd players cannot handle cd-rw media (only cd-r).

Some dvd players are not capable of playing burned cd media - check the spec's to find out. If the dvd player says something like "dual laser" or "dual focus" it should play burned cd-r media ok.

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