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Cd/dvd Devices Not Recognized



Please help me, but note this is not the Microsoft KB Upperfilter/Lowerfilter Registry problem. I think its deeper than that!


I use Windows XP Pro and had Roxio 6.0 installed. Two DVD burners and everything works great. I come to test an ancient HP USB CD burner out (8220e) and when it installs its drivers not only does it not work, but all my other burners don't work either as burners - the read just fine.




Windows DOES see them as CD/DVD drives in Explorer

The recording tab IS visible in Explorer properties - properties tells me they are burners

EMC 6.0 and EMC 7.0 (which I don't personally like but I installed to try it) don't work. No recordable device installed.

Google Picasa2 Gift CD doesn't find a burner.

Nero 7 doesn't find a drive.

I ran both the upperfilter lowerfilter registry edits to no avail.

I have uninstalled drivers, rebooted and still no look.

I have reinstalled Windows XP pro as a repair (upgrade) still no luck.

I have not touched the Masetr/slave relationships or the cables.

System Restore has been tried around 4 or 5 times. Still no luck.


I thought I would try to get some help before I do a clean install of Windows. Take pity on this luckless HP driver victim.


All and any help genuinly appreciated.




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It has to be after.

Sometimes when you install a program that burns discs an Upper and/or Lower filter is created.Not just the ones from Windows.If those get corrupted or sometimes even out of the correct order then drives stop working.One of the things that the update cd suggests does is to correct those filters for only Roxio.

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Impatient (or impetuous) as always I tried both.


First I ran the PX update and got sense out of Picasa2 Gift CD which says programs can see the drives now. This is a good sign!


Then I installed Roxio 6 and ran PX update again but now I lost all functionality (again). Roxio and Picasa2 both ceased to see the drives.


Tonight I will clean off Roxio, run the Windows Registry upper and lower filter fixer. Then.......


Install Roxio

Install PX update.


Does that sound the right steps? Thank you for your patience.... I thought I knew plenty but it turns out I am wrong!



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However, as you've found out, you can install the pxengine update and Windows will find the drives again even if you don't have Roxio installed. At least that's how it's worked when I tried it in the past.

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IT WORKED (yes that was me shouting).


Here is what I had to do.


Removed Roxio

Ran DriveFixEZ_Uninstalled.exe may have been redundant, but I am too exhausted to care!


Uninstalled both DVD Burner Drives in Hardware>Properties etc.

Ran DriveFixEZ_Uninstalled.exe again!


Windies XP installed the drives

I installed Roxio 6.0 (Preffered to Roxio 7.0)

Then installed pxengine3_00_58a.exe

Then rebooted

Then IT WORKED (oh sorry, I shouted again).


I don't have to do a clean reinstall of Windies and can now go fix the PC that started all this (yes, incredibly I WAS checking that it did a second time on my sacred, beloved Quad core!).


Thanks y'all for your help.

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