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Burnt Data Will Not Show Up In Any Drives On Any Computers



I'm using Sonic DigitalMedia Plus v7. When I burn data DVDs using either DLA or the data burn function in the program, they will not display any data despite being finalised. They will not display data in the computer with sonic installed, or in any other computer - the DVD just shows up as being blank.... (this is 2 minutes after it has been burnt!)

Finalising and Making Compatible don't seem to change this....

I've wasted a LOT of DVDs as they are not actually blank, they just appear to me. How can I make the files show up?

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I'd recommend you don't use DLA or any burn method that requires the disc to be formatted first. These methods seem to have a lot of issues with compatibility.


What other writing programs or menu choices do you have in your Sonic DigitalMedia Plus v7, and what methods not involving a formatted disc have you tried?


Do you have any "Disc Information" tools or options, and if so what do they show about any non-formatted discs that you've written?




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