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Slow Reacting Gui In Mydvd





EMC has never had speedy gui (I mean reacting to user input), but MyDVD/VideoWave are even worse than the rest. Fe. after adding Unlinked button to a project in MyDVD and selecting 2. page of its settings (the one with coloured squares in tab), it appears after almost 10 seconds, accompanied by constant disk thrashing. Right mouse button menus take noticeable time to appear- much longer than in other Windows applications. File selection dialog (the one used to add movies) renders a couple seconds as well, not mentioning dialogs used for selecting menu or button style.

Do you experience the same behaviour?

I'm on P4 3.2GHZ, 3GB RAM, Raptor HDD and X300SE graphics. No similar problems in other (also similar) applications, fe Corel's VideoStudio works much faster.



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My turn to apologize, the settings are in either VideoWave or MyDVD and have nothing to do with your OS.


Set it in either application and it applies across the Suite. (Tools - Options - Render - Software)


Mine runs like a striped ape in Software Render and like a slug in Hardware…


(I have never seen a striped ape but I understand they are very fast???)


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