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Burning For Standard Dvd Playback



Hello -


I recently bought a Canon HF10 AVCHD camera, though at the present time, I will only want to be creating standard def DVDs for playback in my Sony DVD carousel player. Is Toast 9 the correct program for accomplishing this? Or is its ability to burn HD footage on standard DVDs still only for playback in HD players?




- Msedaka

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Toast can re-encode your HD video to standard definition 16:9 video that plays on any DVD player when you choose DVD video as the format in the Video window. The re-encoding takes time so it's the kind of thing to have the Mac do overnight. Also, I highly recommend choosing Save as Disc Image rather than clicking the burn button when you're ready to have Toast start doing this work. Many users find that the optical drive doesn't like waiting for the long encoding time and sometimes doesn't wake up when its time to start burning the disc. This results in having to start over. Choose Save as Disc Image and then burn the disc image using the Image File setting in the Copy window.

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If you output from the camera in standard definition and then encode it will be a lot faster than doing it from an HD file. Most HD cameras come with selectable output and it will save you a lot of time. I've pretty much abandoned SD since buying my Bluray system. I now burn to regular DVD-R but in Bluray mode and get fantastic results for both my commercial work and home movies. If you burn in SD now you'll end up reburning in HD later so take the next step and say goodbye to SD. It's worth it.



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