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Sony Vs Emc Videowave And Widescreen



I recently tried again to create a widescreen movie using my Sony DCR DVD92 Camcorder. I recorded about 10 minutes worth in the widescreen mode. I then captured it using both the capture feature in EMC 10 [mpeg] and Windows [vob]. It seemed to capture fine and, in both instances, seemed to play on my VLC Media Player as widescreen. However, when I try to bring either of them into Videowave [after starting a new production in widescreen] they come in normal with bars on the sides. This has been discussed quite a few times in previous posts.


Apparently, I need a new camcorder. Can any one suggest one that records in both normal and widescreen and that the widescreen version will be recognized in Videowave? I prefer one that records on mini - DVDs but am not opposed to another type, assuming I can figure out what a firewire is and how to use it.





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I won't get into a discussion of types, but it is much easier and less error prone with miniDV tape camcorders. Firewire is very easy to use and hardly ever any problems capturing. MinDV tape also give you best quality (less compression than other formats) directly from the camcorder. Editing is also faster. The only 'bad' thing , the files are much larger so you need lots of hard drive space.


Some of the newer memory card and hard drive models are similar to miniDVD in that they use higher forms of compression to squeeze the video onto smaller devices. The compression can cause editing problems and definitely slows down editing.


ALL Hi Def camcorders use forms of compression: either MPEG 2 (HDV) or MPEG 4 (AVCHD).

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