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Sonic Digitalmedia Plus V7- Burning Dvd



Hi, I am trying to burn a video that I edited using Movie Maker to a DVD. I saved the movie to my computer in DV-AVI format. The burner says it burns CDs and DVD-ROMs and the disc I am using says its Memorex DVD+R. I am trying to get it to play in an APEX DVD player. I finalized it and everything and when I put it in the player just this blank menu comes up and it won't let me do anything. I have absolutely no idea how to really do all this, I was just trying to read the directions as I went along. This is for a school project and if I can't get it to play by Tuesday I get a 0 so help is much appreciated. Do I need a different kind of disc? Or am I just missing a step somewhere? A step by step process would be very helpful. But anything would be awesome. Thanks.

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It sounds like maybe you just made a data disc and not a DVD movie.

To be able to play in a DVD player the movie has to be compliant with the DVD format.A DV AVI file is not.It needs to be rendered into Mpeg-2.

You shouldn't have to finalize.A DVD movie is automatically finalized when it's made.

I don't have that particular software but anywhere in it can you find an application that says something like "Burn DVD movie"?

If so that's the process you need to follow.

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