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Problem Burning DVD



I am so frustrated, as for weeks I've worked on a Slideshow with music, 320 slides, 5 songs. To date, I can't get it to burn. Now I see I am not supposed to use Memorex. I wasted all that time, #1, and now I don't know if I'll be able to even get this working again. Since I first started this one first project, my 60 gig hd is almost used up. I assumed that was the reason for the very slow process that went on after I hit "create disk". I'm talking 40 minutes here.)So I uninstalled, and then reinstalled the program to an external hd that is much larger. This didn't go any better. I don't have Windows VISTA--could that be a problem? I'm working in XP. One more thing: I'm using the HP1040 SuperMulti writer. Please help. I've passed the anniversary I prepared this for, but at least if I can salvage the production it will be a good gift anytime. Thanks for any help!!!!





Bad disc; what kind is it? Go to the manufacturer's web site and look there for the preferred vendors. Don't use Memorex nor a store brand.


What application are you trying to use to burn the data and audio - Creator Classic?


What burner? Have to looked to see if there is a firmware update for the burner?


I hope that you are using the RW DVD for short term storage. RW discs have been known to spontaneouly go bad (I heard that; I have no personal exprience). You can burn data and audio to a disc and add more later if you use Creator Classic and burn using sessions.


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Memorex is not your problem. The solution to the thread you posted to may not be the solution to your particular problem unless you have the exact same computer, programs on the computer and everything else.


Please post your computer specs. I assume it is a laptop - Brand and model number and any hardware upgrades. Please also tell us what applications you are using - Video Wave, My DVD, Slide Show Assistant. Do you have a purchased version of EMC or did it come on your computer?


Please be as complete as you can. A little extra time in asking your question will result in a lot of saved time in getting your solution.


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