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Backup Feature



I just purchased EMC10 and installed it successfully. However, when I run the backup feature, I noticed it didn't allow me to backup mutiple files in a SINGLE project. I used to be able to do that in Backup MyPC which came with EMC9. I really like that feature. I don't know why Roxio/Sonic remove it from Back on Track. Also, Backup MyPC allowed me to select FULL or INCREMENTAL backup options, but BOT didn't allow me to do that.


I also noticed the BOT product that came with EMC10 has LESS features than the BOT3 or BOT3 suite products. Why do I have to buy additional BOT software? I thought EMC10 suite includes ALL software products. I am pretty disappointed that I need to pay more to get the full product suite.


Not sure if EMC10 suite is generally a better product than EMC9 suite. I could have stick with EMC9.


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EMC 10 includes most, but not all of our other products. What is included in EMC 10 for BOT is intended to give you a taste of what the full version does.

This is not acceptable. You have removed features that were previously available. You entice users to upgrade to new improved versions yet provide less functionality.


I will not purchase additional products to get back to what I had before. I also plan not to purchase any further upgrades to EMC.


I am now using a version of Nero that includes the ability to backup multiple folders.

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