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Dvd Burn Failures



when i try to burn dvds the burn goes from writing the lead in straight to writing the lead out leaving the disc trashed.


ive tried writing to an image file but it pings instantly leaving an empty image.


any ideas on the cause?

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My best guess is there is something wrong with the VIDEO_TS folder. Has anything been removed from it? Some users who rip discs mistakenly think they can extract just part of the VIDEO_TS rather than doing a full disc extraction. If your VIDEO_TS is complete then it may be the video files have numerous timecode breaks that's giving Toast problems.


Here are some things to try:


Place the VIDEO_TS folder on the desktop and choose DVD with the top button of the Toast Media Browser. Choose DVD video as the format in the Video window instead of DVD video from VIDEO_TS. You should see something appear in the browser window. Double-click on it to reveal the individual titles in the VIDEO_TS. Drag the titles you want to the Video window. Toast will extract the MPEG files from the VIDEO_TS. Now set up the menu the way you want just as if you were making a DVD from your home videos. Choose Save as Disc Image to see how this all turns out.


If it still has problems then open the extracted MPEG files that are in the Roxio Converted Items folder with MPEG Streamclip. Choose Fix Timecode Breaks with MPEG Streamclip and then "Convert to MPEG." Use that MPEG video file in Toast's Video window as above.

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