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All Of Emc 10 Not Working

Simple Simon


All of EMC 10 suddenly stops working. None of the applications will start, and the suite is disabled.



This happens a lot when people use registry cleaners. EMC10.0 uses a particular registry key to store activation and registration information, and this key is very prone to being broken by almost any registry cleaner. When that happens, the whole suite is immediately disabled.


In my XP system it was this key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{3E867EE6-00C0-40FA-95C0-C9CCB3BA7692}


The fix at the moment is to do an uninstall/reinstall.

Prevention is to either tell your registry cleaner to leave the Roxio key alone, or not to use a registry cleaner.

If you locate and export that key before your software is disabled, then you can re-enable the suite by importing the key again after the calamity. The value of the key is system-dependent, so it can't be used on another system.


We are waiting for Roxio to release their 'repairer' utility for EMC 10. This will repair the key after you give the utility your CD key, and that will immediately re-enable the suite without the need for a tedious reinstall.






Re the above I tried out the various registry cleaners which I use on my laptop, namely Ccleaner, Glary Utilities, RegSeeker, AMUST and System Mechanic 7 and found that the one which was deleting the above registry key was RegSeeker. Adding it to RegSeeker's exclusion list allows me to continue using my registry cleaners without losing EMC10. On my desktop computer which has already lost EMC10, I tried restoring the Regseeker backup which contained the missing key but this did not help even after a restart. It looks as if I will have to do a clean uninstall and reinstall. Hope this helps some of you until the "fix" becomes available.

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Thanks for your post. We know about the registry cleaners and as you mentioned are working on a way to work-around what they remove from the registry. It is always good to hear a positive experience though as to how you got it working.


What I found interesting from my little experiment was that only RegSeeker was taking exception to the registry key in question. None of the others I mentioned suggested that the key needed to be deleted.

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I'll check to see if we have a list of known registry cleaners that cause problems, but based on your list above, only RegSeeker was one that I know for sure causes EMC problems. I am not sure that we want to publish the list of cleaners that we know cause problems in EMC. It's generally considered bad etiquette for us to imply a user should not use a particular application, especially if it ends up being from a competitor.

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