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Subtitles Drift



Hi Folks,


I'm having a terrible time with subtitles on a 30 minute Blu-ray program. I've figured out the sizing and positioning - and I can import the subtitle file so that all of the titles are at the right place on the timeline, but...


Problem #1 When I play the timeline the subs play later and later as the show progresses. At the beginning of the show, the subtitles are pretty much in sync. But 20 minutes into the show, they're about 3 seconds late. If I watch the play indicator as it passes over the subtitles, I can see that the indicator arrives at the title at the right time, but there's this huge delay between the time the play head passes the title and the time it is displayed on the video. You might think this is only a simulation problem, but it is exactly the same behavior when I burn a disc and ply on PS3.


Problem #2 At about 20 minutes there is one subtitle that just stays on the screen and sticks there until the end of the show. If I pause playback, the right title comes up and all is well (except that all the titles are at least 3 seconds late by that point in the show). Again, this is the way it plays in DVDit Pro HD and on a finished disc on PS3. I've studied the subtitle file for extra spaces or wrong characters, but there's nothing different about this line of text. And the subtitle starts and ends at the right place on the DVDit timeline.


Problem #3 I'd be willing to just manually position the subtitles into some kind of sync, but every other time I enter the subtitle editor, the program hangs, and I have to re-launch.


Help with any of these issues would be greatly appreciated!



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I find the same exact situation in my short experience of trying this also, with lates version of DVD It Pro HD


see my reply to post regarding titles today ....



I do not know but think it may have to do with using drop frame versus non drop frame time code settings in the original movie ..? have to test my hypothesis but have not had time yet ..


your thoughts? or SS Scott or anyone else?



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