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Fao Brendon


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Hi. In previous replies, you've suggested to edit this line in the registry:


"(1) Press Ctrl-F (find) and search the registry for device001. When you find it, it should be displaying an entry for a GENERIC FREECOM48H drive"


Could you tell me the complete entry so I can replace it please. Further to my post below, and following your suggestions from other queries, I experimented with several entries to try to fool it into seeing my drive (to no avail) and foolishly forgot to make a backup of the original entry. Unless, of course, you may have a suggestion as to an entry of your own that may work for me.


Many thanks.

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Hello Sir/Lady Fox,


The original entry reads



I'm sorry I missed your original post, but I've found it now.


Imation are a problem, as they use all sorts of manufacturers' drives re-badged to Imation. I've not met your drive, so I don't know if it's a TEAC, Ricoh, LiteON, or Philips [they've used all of those]. They've also used both IMATION and Imation as their brand name in the Drive ID string. Things seem to get complicated when the drive is in a USB enclosure, too. Some seem to want the drive powered and connected before boot-up, others want it after.


There's a lot of guessing here, but you might try

Imation IMW16DL84RAME,Imation,IMW16DL84RAME,DVD+-R/RW,cdrmmc.drv,178,,9

as your entry. If that doesn't work, try upper-case IMATION instead of Imation in both places where it occurs.


If that doesn't work either, I'm sorry but I've done my best without your drive on my bench.




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Hi mate - you're good! No worries with the delay - I can see you're a busy man. Thanks for the info, and for your records, this is the winning line:


Imation IMW16DL84RAME,Imation,IMW16DL84RAME,DVD+-R/RW,cdrmmc.drv,178,,9


Simple when you know how!


Mr Fox.




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