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Disk Doesn't Display Data





I have burned data (pictures and video on .jpg and .avi format) to a TDK scratchproof DVD+R and left it open. When I loaded the disk again to add data and change the volume label, i (mistakenly) have deleted the loaded data from the list and added new data. This operation changed the volume label and added the new data, but now I can only see the new data on the disk however viewing the disk information it can be seen that there are 2 sections: one with the "old" and on with the new data.


What can I do to see the "old" data again as obviously it's indeed there but cannot see it? Is it due to the fact that I have changed the volume label?


Any feedback would be much appreciated.


Thanks a lot in advance!

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... the trial version will let you know if the data is recoverable or not...


do you mean I'll never actually see the data on the same DVD but can only recover? even if I close the disk?

I originally wanted to "save" my DVD from being thrown out as fortunately I still got the data on my HDD that has been backed up on it...


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The trial version will let you see whatever is recoverable on the disc - to actually recover it, you need the full program


Why not give it a checkout - the demo versions are free - it's just if you actually want to recover the data you have to shell out the folding stuff ;)

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When you 'erase' from a -R or +R disc, you only clear the TOC and the data should still be there


I'd advise getting a copy of either cdroller or isobuster. They're both commercial apps, but the trial version will let you know if the data is recoverable or not, in which case you can buy the program to recover it





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What you've done is written two sessions on your disc, but you've erased the file entries for the first session from the index.

The first session is still there, but not connected to the disc index any more. Earlier versions of ECDC would let you import the lost session, but current versions won't :( so the old recovery methods don't work.


Instead, go to www.isobuster.com and download IsoBuster 2.4 - it's a free download. Install and run it.

When you run it, IsoBuster will ask you for your registration details. Just click on the 'Free Funct. Only' button on the bottom right.


With your disc in the drive, IsoBuster should show you something like this. . . .




See, it shows Session 1 with a track, and session 2 with another track. It will most likely be showing you the contents of your last session, the one you can see in Windows.


Click on the + to the left of the session 1 disc, and then click on the + to the left of track 1, and then click on either the blue or red disc label under track 1. You should now see the contents of the first session - the one you want.


Highlight the files in that session [Ctrl-A] and go up to the top toolbar File > Selected Objects > Extract Objects. Select a destination, and click OK. The files from your missing first session will be recovered to your destination, free.


Your original disc has an "orphaned" session on it which you can't recover on disc, so after you have all the files from both sessions copied onto the hard drive write them to a fresh disc and throw the old one away. Just remember that when you "Load Disc" for a multisession disc in the future, all you're loading is the earlier INDEX not the files, and you don't delete files from it. [i don't think you'll forget that after this :) ]






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