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Dvc90 Capture Is Choppy



Hi, I'm new to this, but I was hoping to find help here.




As you can see, when I am trying to capture, the video is all choppy.I have tried all of my 8 USB Ports, but 3 of them says that they are 1.1, and the 4 of the other ports say that it's either corrputed, or don't recognie the device. the last port, which is at the front of the computer, worked for the first full day, but the next day, the capture started being choppy, then turned green.

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It doesn't matter what the source is.The Dazzle is a USB 2.0 device.If you're trying to capture using a 1.1 port then there's a reasonable chance that the transfer rate of the port is not fast enough to keep up with the data stream coming from the Dazzle resulting in the bad video.


Usually if you plug a 2.0 device into a 1.1 port you get a box telling you the transfer rate could be faster and to plug the device into a 2.0 port.It will also give a list of the ports.If they all say 1.1 then I would think that's the problem.If all you're doing is copying files then no big deal,it's just slower.But transferring video is a different story.

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If all you're getting is USB 1.1 the transfer may not be fast enough.Pinnacle's site says it's a Hi speed transfer device,meaning USB 2.0.

You could go out and buy an add in card that will give you USB 2.0 ports.

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