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Replcement For Ecdc 5


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As i have drawn a blank in trying to get ECDC 5 run properly on my new computer, despite several attempts using the proceduers outlined within the forum (see posts from ROLLOZOOT in legacy section ecdc 5 ) i have decided a new programe is the only answer. So this is where i now need your help.

The only applications i require are, 1/ Spin doctor or its equvilent to input tracks from Lp`s, to convert to Cd.

2/ cd creator with the ability to create crossfades and transitions.

After many hours reading posts in the forum, it would seem that later editions of ecdc have been a step backwards, no longer are crossfades calibrated in millie seconds, only seconds, is this correct ?

Can a cd be played straight out of the programe, or only via WMP, i think only with Wmp installed ?

Any suggestions for a Roxio programe, or any other that fits the bill would be appreciated.


IE 6 disabled / WMP 9 not installed, don`t like it at all. No anti virus to upset things as this system will not be used online. No other programs are as yet installed on this new system and only 2 others will be, Cubase and Reason, when i finally get this burner issue sorted.

No doubt someone will suggest that Cubase can deal with the Spin doctor application, ie LPs can be recorded in direct, this is true so spin doctor not essential, but it would be nice to have the option. Cubase can also rip tracks from cd thats true, the one thing it can`t do is burn discs, if it could there would be no need for this post.


System/ Gigabyte Mb / Sata hard disc and dvd player / Intel core duo / Sapphire 2400xt / XP with sp2 OS (Oem) /2GB Crucial memory 1066 Fsb.


please post your suggestions, many thanks in advance, Rollozoot.

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Unfortunately Spin Doctor has spun totally out of existence - pity, I always liked it


There are utilities in the newer versions but nothing as easy


Sound Soap (a lite version) was bundled with one version and that does a nice job but it's not included with the newer versions

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