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Trimmed Audio Doesn't Burn To Dvd As Trimmed Audio



I have created a .dmsm file in VideoWave (Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 Suite) that contains photos and audio tracks (m4.a) from songs saved to my hard drive. I used the Trim feature to begin a couple of audio tracks in the middle of the tracks and end them before the end of the song. When I play the .dmsm file in the Timeline, everything looks and sounds good. The audio tracks start where they are supposed to and end when they are supposed to. When I played a preview of the .dmsm file in MyDVD, it all lined up right. However, each time I burn the file to a DVD, the audio tracks begin at the beginning of the song, not at the start point where I set them to begin. Thus, the audio tracks aren't right on the DVD, and of course the timing of the entire audio track is thrown off. As I say, everything looks and sounds right during editing and previewing. It's only when I play the finished DVD in a DVD player that I hear for the first time that the songs did not burn to the DVD in the trimmed manner that they were in the file before burning. I have tried splitting the audio tracks and deleting the first part that I don't want. I have set the begin and end points in the audio edit screen. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Might be the long way around but you could use Sound Editor and open the audio tracks,edit them and then export the resulting clip.Once you do that use the clip and not the original track.

Someone else may be able to give you a way to do this in VideoWave.

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