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Videowave 10 Hangs On Outputting A High Resolution Mpeg



I'm trying to output a 45 minute slideshow with pictures and music to a high definition mpeg in Videowave 10. After I select my options and select Create Video File, Videowave begins rendering the file. It will render always to the same point and then it just stops. The first time I tried it it rendered to 16 minutes 45 seconds frame 17. Then it would freeze or hang. I tried the same thing about 5 times. I rebooted, changed from software to hardware rendering, back to software rendering, and from 1080i mpeg to 1080p mpeg. Nothing mattered. Videowave always locked up on 16:45, frame 17. I watched that portion of the slideshow in preview and it worked without a hitch. There were no special transitions or music changes near the glitching frame. So then I tried to make the slideshow again. I remade the slideshow (same photos) and used different music. Now it continually locks up at 15 minutes, 33 seconds, frame 9. Also - when I say locks up, freezes, or hangs - I don't mean that I get an error and Videowave closes. The rendering screen just pauses and the progression information at the bottom just stops. There is no hard disk activity and the processor just idles. The program sits there until I end the task.


I've tried both software and hardware rendering.


Sony Vaio, EMC10, Vista, 2gb ram, tons of hard drive space.


Any suggestions are appreciated.

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