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Dvd Viewing Difficulty




I created and saved a 1.6GB DVD compiled with MY DVD from multiple Videowave productions. I then burned it to a DVD, all within EMC 10


When I play this original DVD on my home DVD player, all is well.


From this initial DVD, I used Copy Disk to make several copies of the DVD.


NOW THE PROBLEM: When I play these copies on my home DVD player, one production freezes and/or hesitates before moving on to the next slide. This happened on 5 of 5 burns and it always happens in one of two locations, approximately 50-55 seconds into a middle production.


I used different brand of DVDs, but the problem still occurs.

I shut and restarted the computer and recopied the original DVD using a “fresh” version of Copy Disk, but the problem still occurs.

Using two different computers and four different DVD viewing software, the copied DVDs work without problem on desktops and laptops.



It seems the problem only occurs when I view a copied DVD on my home DVD player.

Why? What can I do to eliminate this problem? The DVD is intended for over 30 home DVD users and I cannot supply them with a problemsome DVD.


THANK YOU for your help in resolving this vexing problem.


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If you have some RW media to play with, please use that.


Try the same thing on use the Video Copy and Convert. On the Home menu this is under Copy – Copy DVDs.


Let us know if that works better…


FYI: for video work the Gb's of project are meaningless. Best measure for Video is time.



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