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Dvd Playing Quality Using Videowave



When I copy from camera to hard drive then take that AVI file and put it into Videowave, do nothing else, send it to MyDVD and burn it. The playback is fine, nice and smooth when panning the camera is moving.


When I put more than one AVI file in video wave, I copy one in, then copy the same one into the second box.

When I burn it, it's (hard to explain) when the camera is panning any scene it's not smooth, the picture is not exactly jerky but not clear, very hard to look at.


This did not happen when I was using Roxio 7.


I could copy the same AVI file 10 times, make changes to each one of them, then build and burn and it was fine.


I hope this is making sense?


Any help would be appreciate, I have consider trying to find the old Roxio 7 or as has been suggested where I bought my PC, using Nero.


This is a new PC, and since it works fine when I only copy the AVI file once, I have to believe it's Roxio.........

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About the only thing that it affects is the use 3-D transitions. They won't work in software rendering.


I don't generally use Transitions when creating Video DVD's.

I sometimes mix stills with Video, but for now, will refrain from mixing the two.






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