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Trouble Playing Burned Hd-dvd

Phil Hanna


Hi Everyone:


This is my first visit to the site and I find it very informative. Recently, I produced a video in HD on my Mac; exported it to a QT-movie at HDCamEX standards and prepared to burn it to a DVD. The QT-movie looks great and I was able to pick a background (DirectorHD) set a picture, change the title, all the normal stuff I do. When I burn the disc it goes through the normal steps. As a matter of fact, I was able to burn and successfully play this same movie in as a SD version, but the problem is in the HD version.

When the disc is completed and mounted, it won't play. It comes up on the screen and when you click to play, it starts, plays a few seconds (Audio only Menu is still on screen) then stops. The seconds still count-off as though it is still playing but no video or audio.

I then tried to Save As Disc Image and burn from that. It had the same results.


I successfully burned one of these HD discs when I first got the program and even though it took a long time to burn, I was able to play it on my Mac and in a HD_DVD desktop player. This is not Blu-Ray. Did something change with Apple's last update? I am beginning to run low on DVDs and I see Social Security just ahead as I have no more time to wait for these things to burn and fail!


Thanks in advance for your advice.





Mac G5 Quad running 10.4.11 Panther

8GB Ram

Burning to built-in Apple Super Drive

Toast 9 with all updates. and HD/BD Plug-in

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Did you check to see if the player is HD-DVDR compatible? Have you done firmware updates? Have you tried another player?



Actually, I was able to get one of the burns to work in a DVD-R set top player. It would not play on my Mac, but did play on the DVD machine.



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