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Streamer On The Iphone



I have recently bought Toast 9 and set up a streamer account. It works fine on my Mac when i use

But when i use http://streamer/roxio.com/myname and on my iPhone it says: "Safari can't open the page because it could not connect to the server"

Anyone have any idea what is wrong?



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Make sure you typed the name right.


Make sure you have UPNP enabled if using a non-apple wireless router. If using an apple wireless router enable NAT-PMP. If you don't want to enable either then forward port 10080 to the machine hosting streamer.


Also make sure you have started streamer's server.


Are you on PPC or Intel?

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I still can't get Streamer to play on my iPhone for more than a few minutes before it crashes. At least under 10.5.4 and iPhone 2.0, it doesn't bring the whole system down.


I don't understand why Roxio won't look into this problem and fix it.


The Streaming video with EyeTV worked flawlessly from day 1 with the iphone.



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