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How To Import And Identify An Unknown Song In Mp3 Or M4p Format?



I bought Toast 9 titanium not long ago. Roxio promises that it should " easily identify and tag music tracks recorded from LP, tape or Internet or all those unknown tracks in your library " (see e.g. http://www.roxio.com/eng/products/toast/ti...um/listen.html).


Well, I'm currently trying to identify and tag all those unknown tracks in my library. They are in mp3 or m4p format, which the info on the website said are supported. So, what should I do? There's no documentation at all, and God if it's difficult to find information on roxio website - "fingerprinting" "importing mp3" "identifying audio" and similar searches give no result at all in the knowledgebase (!), and another help bot which I asked "how to import mp3 files into cd spin doctor" thought that I had problems burning a disc (!!!).


I suppose CD spin doctor is to do the job - not even mentioned among the products, btw (huh??) I'm asking in this forum because it's part of the Toast 9 package. But when I try to "open an existing audio file" all my mp3 and m4p files are disabled in the open dialog. No import menu, the help menu gives no result at all - actually there's no help file at all, if I choose CD spin doctor help in the help menu, I am redirected to a generic support page on the roxio website (:crying:).


I've tried searching this forum but there are every sort of difficulties in searching here as well (:drops down deadly tired:).


Jeez how frustrating. Maybe I missed something absolutely obvious but I've tried for hours and didn't find a clue. I really hope they get a good usability consultant because they really need one...


Please don't kill me if I'm asking a FAQ but I really don't know where and how to search, and forgive me if I don't want to spend WEEKS just to dig in an awkward and incomplete support system that should tell me how to use what's supposed to be a MAJOR feature of the software I bought.


Please help me,



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I agree that it is frustrating getting some of the info that should be at hand. The track ID tagging is only in Spin Doctor as far as I know. Also, Spin Doctor only accepts AIFF files. It also only opens one file at a time. So this could be a lengthy process for you.


Here's a trick to try out if you don't look forward to converting each MP3 to AIFF and opening them in Spin Doctor one at a time. Add multiple MP3s to the Toast Audio window with Audio CD selected as the format. Choose Save as Disc Image. In the Finder change the resulting .sd2f file to .aiff. Open this in Spin Doctor and mark the separate tracks. Don't trust the automatic marking. You'll sometimes get multiple tracks where there should be one and the start and end points may be off. So you do need to check them. Click Identify. Be amused at some of the wrong names you end up getting. Should you actually get the correct track IDs, send them to iTunes where you can convert them back to MP3, AAC or whatever you want. If you want to convert them to AAC, Ogg Vorbis or FLAC you can send them to Toast's Convert window and convert them. Toast does not have an MP3 encoder.


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