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Not really and then there is little point in doing so..


When you File – Save or Save As you are creating a dmsm, dmsd, dcpf, dmss, ect. file that is somewhere between 9kb and 200kb. All that is saved is a set of notes as to what files you are using and what edits you are doing to them.


You could put all of your source files on another drive and within each application, under Tools – Options, set the temp file location to another drive.


But frankly in my experience, if you are cramped for space on your c:\ drive, you are chasing your tail looking for solutions. Replace the drive and get it overwith.


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I installed the program on my C: drive, but I want to save all of my projects to my D: drive. Is there a way to set the default folders so that when I go to save projects, I don't have to use browse every time to get to my save folder?


When I save my VideoWave or MyDVD files, the first time, I browse to a folder, on a different drive, and save it. Anytime that I save files, after that, it defaults to the folder that I browsed to the first time. That folder is where I want all of my productions.


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