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Why Should I Use A Registry Cleaner?


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Maybe I missed it, but has some addressed the first question posed by this topic -- the benefits of a registry cleaner? What are the benefits?


One thing that you will find advantagous using REG cleaners is that you can search on a word or phrase and it will go through and find every instance of the search and then you can decide what action to take about all of the finds, or parts of the find. As opposed to the MS registry where you can search on a word but then you have to decide at each find what to do--leave, modify or delete, and that can take forever sometimes.



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Many software manufacturers use the registry as a DB, often beyond what it was intended to be used for. Even when used properly, once the entries, temporary or other wise are deleted, holes of used space are left behind. From a performance view point, the registry becomes bloated, thereby taking more time to navigate through to locate entries. The size on disk is therefore larger than a "compacted" registry. Indexed or not, searching bloated DBs take more time. Leaving the "dead" entires behide usually doesn't cause a problem. Problems do occur when during the install or uninstall process doesn't properly unchain used entries. This is evidenced by uninstall processes that fail to remove entries from the registry leaving the behind parts of the program on disk and still being listed in the Control Panel under programs. This can result in reinstallation problems for some programs as it sees the program as already installed.


Perhaps when "Windows 7" comes out, the registry will be replaced with another mechanism. However, that will cause much change with program installation and removal.


You might see errors like what are displayed below:




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When you post a question, leave it alone afterwards. Your original post was answered, but your edited first post is quite different.




I use Regedit and Regseeker as my registry cleaners. Regseeker is free, and recommended on the Sun Java site.

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