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Toast Just Burn , Nothing More !



and when i try to convert anything .....any thing i have ERror 208 , or 50 , or the Toast just hangs and froze .




i wish i never pay for this . i wish Toast answer sometimes as pro to my problems , so far ... they look like they have no idea how to fix anything .



and i use mac for 9 years , have pc to , the Roxio 10 on pc works super perfect , does things simple .


why can Toast 9 be simple and have no ERRORS .


Im on the E-mail list and i se everyday 5-15 new topics -how BAD Toast 9 is.



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Im on the E-mail list and i se everyday 5-15 new topics -how BAD Toast 9 is.


Thats because the many hundreds of thousands of people (we sell quite a few copies of software) that don't have problems, dont come here to post about it. Statistically speaking, a very small number of people are having problems.


Describe your steps when you get the errors. What kind of files are you using for source material?

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im trying to convert m2ts file to ANY thing : ps3, divx , xbox360 , apple tv .... and i have ERORR .


OR the Toast just hangs .


also im trying to convert EVO to m2ts , or EVO to videots .


the same problem.



IF they don t post about it , then You mast take Your mask OUT and look around



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i did describe ........


its simple :


i go to convert:


i drag m2ts file (size 19-30 gig)


i press :convert to ps3 , auto -high


i press : the red thing :)


and i wait :


after 5 seconds i heve ERROR -50




and if i try to convert this file to dvd video ts i also have the same ERROR , or my file looks like crap and its only 900 mb big .


now anything i try to convert its not working , i can only burn blu ray data disc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





how many times do i have to say this :



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Please keep your tone more pleasant to make sure this thread doesn't end up disappearing.


Can you test with different files? I googled m2ts sample files and found one on the 2nd hit that was about 6.8MB. I downloaded it, followed your steps exactly and it worked fine. Maybe you can try smaller files to test with and once we get a working baseline, go from there.

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YES , i wiil keep my tone low , how can i do something with i dont need ?


i have large m2ts files ,i dont need to do small files.



have the new VideoHub for apple , and convert m2ts file to dvd video in 56 min, works perfect i did get 7.8 gig of file, but only stereo sound.


and the same file on Toast = ERROR -50 , or 900mb , but no sound and haos in the files order.


how can i cut 19-30 gig m2ts file in small ones ?

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yes they work perfect , i try 2 minutes files , and it works , but the point is to convert my movie , the big file , not just a clip .


:(( but now , from last night , i try to save a 19gig file as Disc image , and my toast just freeze , and after 10-20 sec the program quit unexpected .


i have tivix multimedia disc , and it play disc image , but now i cant even do this .


when is the update coming , this is the only solution .

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