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Tivo Desktop To Dvd Via Emc 10 - Jerky Video



I am a new user of EMC 10, but an experienced user of TiVo and TiVo Desktop. The first thing I tried to do with EMC 10 (and the main reason I purchased it) was to create DVDs of programs from my TiVo. I transferred an hour-long program to my computer, no problem, as I have many times before. Using EMC 10, I trimmed the commercial at the start of the TiVo file, but I didn't do anything else other than burn the project to a Verbatim DVD. I was disappointed to find that playback (on two different DVD players and on my computer) was jerky (and jagged) and close to unwatchable. Would greatly appreciate help and suggestions. Undoubtedly, I am leaving out information that may be of use in diagnosing the problem, but as a new user, I'm not sure what that might be until asked! :) Thanks.

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