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Burning More Than 4.47 Gb Of Space

Hieu Nguyen


Hi, I currently have a DVD file that is 6.16 GB. It is sitting on my Desktop and I want to burn it to a 4.7 GB blank DVD disc. I am also planning to burn it under Data Disc where I will be dragging the Video_TS and stuff onto there. My question is, will Roxio allow me to do this? Do I need to split the 6.16 GB into two files, where one will be 4.7 GB and the other 1.46 GB? If so, how can I do that?


Thank you for the help in advance.


EDIT: Sorry for the confusion but the blank DVD disc is 4.7 GB and not 4.47 GB, where it is stated in the title.

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The size of a blank DVD is 4,707,319,808 bytes.

Those who count kilobytes as 1,000 say that the DVD is 4.7 GB

Those who count kilobytes as 1,024 bytes calculate the DVD as 4,489 kB or 4.38 GB. That's where the confusion arises.


Now, about your DVD 'file'. If it is just a data file to go onto a data DVD, then 6.16 GB isn't going to fit. End of message.


However, if it's a set of DVD video files then they can be recoded at a slightly lower definition so that they fit on a standard DVD. The best way to do this is to write to a DVD .ISO file and then use disc copier to recode and burn to a standard DVD.




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Something else I think Hieu is asking???


You seem to be thinking that all you are dealing with are files and discs.


If you take try to make a DVD Movie by just cramming files onto a DVD it will fail!


DVD Movie discs have to be in a specific format or they won't work. Just like you cannot take music files and simply throw them on a disc to make an Audio CD. Both Aucio CD's and DVD Movies require specialized authoring software.


And that software is part of the Suite.


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