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Easy Cd Creator Silent/passive Install

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Hi all


This is my first post here so please be gentle :)


Ok so I need a way of installing ECDC silently or passively (with the progress bar) as I have to distribute it to a lot of networked PC's with a program I have written.


I currently have a slight problem using this code:-




The setup will launch and install all the way without any interaction from the user BUT, after loading setup.exe it seems to close that and load up another setup program. Unfortuntaly the program we have written to distribute then thinks that the install has finished (because the called setup.exe has ended) and it continues with the next program install, which isn't good.


Im assuemeing you can use ECDC6.msi with some switches to install it silently (as i believe this is the program it launches after setup.exe, correct me if im wrong) But I have tried "ECDC6.msi /passive" and it starts the install, gets the progress bar all the way to the end, but then the progress bar retreets, the icons it created also disapear and the program fails to install.


I can provide the log if usefull, but from what ive been reading on the net you need to use some .mst files as well in the switch.


Hope this makes sense, and I hope someone can point me in the right direction.


Many thanks

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Ok so i follwed the instructions here




And I decided to do it piece by piece


I changed "Agreetolicense = Yes" and the program falls over when you run it. (no matter if you leave the following intact)





(these stillk wont show if you change the agree to license)


The error it gives is a error box on the screen with the following txt.


1: 2803 2: SetupError 3: 4: 5: 6:


And thats it,


Another thing to note is when you run the installer package it creats the right icon on the desktop but its got the wrong text. It has the following "##NEW_STRING7##"


Any ideas people? help me lol

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I think your question is far beyond the scope of a single-license program, or those of us who volunteer time answering questions here based on our experience with single-license usage on our personal computer.


Try the Enterprise Solutions area -



Roxio is still distributing (however reluctantly) Version 6, since subsequent Versions (EMC 7, 7.5, 8) only work on a minimum of WinXP SP1 or Win2000 SP4, so they MIGHT be willing to discuss Version 6 with you.



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