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Oos After Burn



Iam having a problem , I have a rendered clip that is 100% in sync when played back on numerous computers,

but when burned to disk using MCE10 about 1/2 way through the clip the audio /video goes OoS by about 1/2 second.

we have rendered the clip numerous times and deleated the problem area & reimported & rerendered A few times,

but keep getting the same result.. The original footage was HDV IT was rendered as Mpeg2 custom , with originally

a 12000Kbs Bit rate but I have downed that to 8000Kbs to see if it would solve the issue but it doesn't seen to have made any differance. Any Suggestions, I have been using this setup for a over a year & have never had an OoS issue untill

now .We just upgraded this PC from MCE9 To MCE10 last week. Any suggestions welcomed.

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Already have the latest drivers John,, Iam not sure if it has to do with EMC10 right now or the upgrade to Vista SP1

which we did this weekend as well. I may pull the files off the current machine and try a burn with EMC9 which is on

another system I have. I thought it might have something to do with the High bit rate render but the other 4 files seem to be OK.


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The problem seems to be Resolved, IT appears to be related to the high 12000Kbit/s bit rate

we rerendered at 8000, the problem dissapeared, did it again at 10000 still OK rerendered at 12000 and the issue

returned. It seems that the data stream is overloading roxio's burn capability or encoding capacity at the 12000 Kbit/s rate.. causing the OOS to occure


As the normal bit rate for SD dvd Mpeg is 6000Kbit/s this should not be an issue at normal settings, Our reason for

using the higher bit rate was that our client has a HD TV but didn't want a BD Disk & we all know how bad a SD

can look on a good HD set.. at the 10000Kbit/s setting on our upconverting DVD Player the picture quality is very nice,

a big improvment over the 6000 setting, not as nice as the 12000 setting but seeing as this seems to be a no go then the 10000 setting is just gonna

have to Do as it seems to be the best quality picture I can deliver to them with out going to a full BD HD Disk.


Long story short Appears to be the High bit rate causing the issue.

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