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Disc Won't Read After Finalized


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I had very important datas backed up in DVD+R/W disc years ago using Roxio Easy Creator 6. (WinXP, DVD+R/W 2X drive)


Recently, I checked the contents of the disc in my new computer (WinXP, DVD+/- RW, 12x) and they were all there.


Then I realized that I should it finalize it since I'm not adding anymore into it.


I finalized it using Drag-to Disc, re-inserted into the drive, all of sudden it won't read.


I see the light of the drive blinking trying to read, at the same time the hard drive light is on too.


But I won't be able to access to open the "D" drive folder or "My coputer" windows are frozen.


It doesn't freeze up the entire system. I could use other application while it's trying to read.


When I press the eject button of the DVD Drive, it ejects the disc and everything goes back to normal.


Anyone had experienced same problem? Is there any way I can transfer the data to hard drive?


Please advise.







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There are many here experienced with the version you're working with so I can't offer much at this point except to suggest CDRoller. But, before you try it, please wait for those knowledgeable folks to chime in with their ideas and suggestions.

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Packet-Writing (DirectCD, Drag2Disc, Nero's InCD, Sonic's DLA, etc) may be useful for transferring data from one computer to another while the original is safely on the originating computer or other short-term usage, but it is very risky for the l ong term, and NOT recommended for data you want to KEEP.


RW media is good for short-term usage, especially for testing, since it can be erased and re-used. Howver, the same quality that make it erasable mean it is NOT a reliable long-term means of data storage. It MAY work, but it may fade out.


Combining Packet-Writing and RW media gives you the worst of both. It sounds like your data is history.


Try cdroller, mentioned by Paul, or ISOBuster (www.isobuster). If you are lucky, you might be able to retrieve some of it. Let us know how it goes.

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