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Data Fork -39 Error When Burning Blu-ray Or Image Disc



I can't seem to burn a Blu-Ray disc. I am on a Quad Mac 3ghz, 9MB Ram, using a Panasonic (Matshita) SW-5582 Blu-Ray Burner. I'm using OS-X 10.5.3 and Toast 9.0.2

I get about 93% completion and then two error messages; 0001.mts could not be accessed Data Fork -39, and then a Mac OS Error - Result Code -39

I've tried to make a Disc Image but same result. Happens with different QT files. I was successful making a Disc Image of a :30 second spot. But anything longer than that won't work. I've wasted five Blu-Ray discs.


Any help would be much appreciated. We've been trying to resolve this issue for about three weeks.






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This problem appears to be a bug in the encoder. Some have gotten around it by using source files with slightly different specifications. Search the forum for -39 and you'll see some of the things folks have done work around this problem. Either way, we hope to have an update to fix this issue soon.

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