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Need EULA after reinstall


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Hi folks,


I think this is the same problem I'm experiencing...


I have Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 (v6.1.1.48), which came with my computer (Averatec 6200 Series -- Part Number AV6210X60-01). The software used to work great.


Recently, my hard drive died. I was able to retrieve the data and put it on a new drive and place it into the same computer. From here, my system (Win XP SP2) was able to boot fine. However, when I tried to create a data DVD the day before yesterday, the Creator Classic application simply didn't open. When I tried to use Drag-to-Disc, it refuses to allow me to do so, popping up a message that says, "This operation will be canceled because the End User License Agreement has not been agreed to."


Obviously, I agreed to the EULA back in 2005, when I bought this computer, but it doesn't give me a chance to agree to it again. I would try to reinstall the software, but since it came with the computer, I have no installation disk.


I've seen lots of recommendations for using roxizap and then reinstalling, but as far as I know, I can't reinstall because I don't have the installation disk. I'd appreciate any suggestions you may have! Thank you!




Alex NvV

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Since it came with the computer, it is an OEM [Original Equipment Mfgr] Version. When a company buys the rights to use an OEM Version, they can specify what the do or don't want included, and they accept the responsibility to support it.


So support would come from the computer manufacturer. If (as I suspect) they have long since ceased to provide such support, you might try for a copy someplace like eBay or equivilant.



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