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Disappearing Buttons



Well I'll be working on the buttons on a particular motion menu and wham! They not only disappear completely, but globally across the entire project. They navigate fine but they're just not visible anymore.


In the menu I select DVD Menu>View Selected Subpictures... and there they are. I see them just fine with all my opacity and color settings. But when I go into Simulation Mode they are nowhere to be seen. Even after writing a Volume they don't appear. Anyone know the deal with this?

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Are you outputting a DVD or BD disc? how are you creating the disc...Photoshop file and highlight layer or linking text or thumbnail from a menu to a movie?


I'm outputting to a DVD-5. All still menus are a single layer photoshop files. All subpictures are .bmp files. All my motion menus have .bmp files as the subpicture.

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Well, this strikes me as a bug in the system. Here's how I got my buttons to reappear for the time being. And I'm writing a new Volume just in cast I lose everything again.


I went into Edit Subpicture Colors. I punched Normal from 0% to 100% and hit OK. And of course all buttons light up. Since I don't want it looking like this in the final DVD I go back to editing subpic colors and knock Normal from 100% back to 0% again. Hit OK. All my buttons are now visible in Simulation Mode.


Now, to me, this is kind of crazy, yes?

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