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Quality Setting When Converting Flac To Apple Lossless?



Why is there a quality setting (under Render Settings) when you convert a lossless FLAC audio file to an Apple Lossless file? It's one lossless format to another and should, in my opinion, only be possible in one way. In my test, the High quality setting took 29s and the Faster setting 19s. In wonder why the time difference and what Toast is actually doing to alter the lossless audio file. The files created with the higher quality setting are also slightly smaller. Any ideas?

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Looking at the FLAC article in Wikipedia, there are different compression settings, which affect the final size of the file, and the time it takes to encode it, though decompressing the file still returns the original music. I would assume that's the same thing when converting to ALAC, different compression settings are available to squeeze it down smaller if you don't mind the extra processing time.

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