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Dvd To Ipod: Skipping Video



I just got the boxed version of Popcorn 3 and I've tried multiple times to change DVDs (non-encrypted) to iPod format.

Every time I try, I end up with a .m4v file that skips every few seconds the whole way through the movie. Plus, the movie is supposed to be about an hour and a half long but ends up being half an hour with the remaining time stuck on the same image that I guess is the very end of the DVD. The audio goes on for a bit longer while on the last image but it's not the visual that's supposed to go with it.

The DVD works perfectly fine while playing it on my Mac and other DVD players before the conversion, but after is when it skips both on iTunes and my iPod.

I have tried different quality settings and I've tried changing it to an image file before converting it but it still turns out the same way. I've also tried movies on different brands of discs though the same recorder was used.

Please can someone help?

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I have the same problem with mine. I have some TV shows that I like to watch when on the go and waiting on things. I have tried several discs, and even different recorders and they all do the same thing. Playback is fine and then all of a sudden, it's like a whole minute is gone. This happens several times through the show. I have also tried different outputs from low to high quality and with no difference at all. Anyone got a workaround for this?


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