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Q: How To Best Archive Dvd (disc Image Vs Video Folder)

harry shin




1. i have several movie DVDs i've created.


2. i'm trying to determine the best way to archive the DVDs on my external hard-drive. from what i can tell, there appears to be two options:

a. create a disc image: the potential problem with this is that since the disc image file is apparently proprietary (ie it's roxio file), there would be problems in the future if roxio no longer exists or for whatever reason i don't have the software etc...

b. simply copy the contents of the DVD (video / audio ts)--> and then utilize that data to create a DVD in the future (via the many applications out there; ex: popcorn).


3. can someone clarify the above and any other pros / cons issues that i may have missed.



thanks for the information. harry shin

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A .toast video DVD disc image can be changed in the Finder to .iso and mounted like any other image. Even so, given how commonplace Toast is in the Mac universe I very much doubt that a time will come when there isn't a way to mount a .toast disc image file. Roxio even provides the Mount It contextual menu item for this purpose without needing Toast to be present or open.


I prefer the disc image because there is no way that the files inside the image file can be modified. I can't think of any advantage of creating folders containing VIDEO_TS folders unless it somehow provides a convenience for you to access those folders without having to mount an image file.

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