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Burning Data Discs



I have used all versions of Roxio up to #10 and never had a problem saving data to a disc (photos or otherwise) and leaving a session open (use rw) and keep adding until disc filled and then burn to permanent cd or dvd. My problem is I cannot do this with Toast 9. If anyone has a solution I would appreciate an answer. I could have stayed with #10 as I have Windows xp on my Mac but decided to use Mac exclusively, but it doesn't work. Really frustrated and have spent numerous hours to no avail. Very disappointed. Like I said I use rws and import the session next time I open it with toast but it does not show the original saved data as having contents. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks.

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Macs are different from PCs in this regard. You can burn multiple sessions to CD media by choosing Write Session in the Advanced tab of the Recorder Settings window. Each session that is written to a CD will appear as separate icon in the Finder. The Mac OS doesn't support multiple sessions written to DVD media so Toast doesn't do it.


What I believe you were using on a PC is called packet writing in which data can be appended in incremental burns on a disc. That can only be done on a Mac using special software such as Retrospect which creates its own file system and which requires launching Retrospect in order to read anything that's on the disc.


Fortunately the USB thumb or flash drives have made it unnecessary to use optical media for this kind of incremental backup. When a 4 GB flash drive gets full just use Toast to copy the contents to DVD-R and then erase the flash drive to start again.

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