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Product Activation = Poor Customer Service



I've used Easy Media Creator for years. I'm currently a licensed user for version 9, but I'm unable to use the product tonight thanks to Roxio's policy of poor customer service. Thanks to Creator 9's activation scheme, I cannot use the software. It's always activated before, but tonight it gave me an "incorrect product key" error. The thing installed when I put in that product key. If it was incorrect, it should not have installed.


I know the industry leader, Microsoft, is leading the way with activation. However, Microsoft is not a company Roxio should emulate. They're notorious for poor customer service. I wouldn't look up to a company that brought us VB.NET, Windows ME, Vista, and MS Bob, all garbage on the junk heap of computing history.


I've paid to use Creator 9 and am being prevented from using it thanks to an ill-advised copy protection scheme. I'm uninstalling it as write this (on my other machine -- Creator 9 is not compatible with the machine I'm on now).


I guess I could did through warez sites and risk a viral infection in search of a crack that will allow me to use the program I've paid for. See that's just it, anyone determined to steal the program will be able to do the same thing. The copy protection is not stopping any would-be thief. It's only hurting people like me who have paid to use the program, but can't. Any chance of my upgrading to a newer version is out the window unless Roxio

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Probably a question that you have already looked at, but is there a chance that you have one of the character in the key code wrong ? I have done that several times with the letters "B" and the number "8". Also "l" and "I" are easy to get wrong.



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