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Seeing Unfinalized Dvd Tv Shows In Toast8



Ok, here's a tough one for yall.


I bought a DVD burner to hook up to my TV 2.5 years ago. I started recording all my archived documentaries, etc. from TV on VHS tapes to DVD's. Then I started throwing out my VHS tapes.


Before the burner's warranty expired it started getting flaky about timer recording so I returned it and had it exchanged for a comparable [but very much better] one.


Then I realize whoops, I didn't finalize all my DVD's from my previous machine. My new DVD burner can't read them.


So now I have Toast8 and I'm trying to get a way for the software to see what's on the DVD's when I put them in my Mac. But when I insert the DVD, it shows up as an empty disk.


How do I get Toast8 [and my Mac, I guess] to see these unfinalized DVD's?


And if Toast isn't my solution, who knows how I can get my unfinalized DVD's to show up on either my Mac or Windows XP laptop?


THAT'S the million dollar question.


Thanks so much for your wisdom and here's hoping that my friend who said Toast could be the solution is actually right.




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If you burned the discs as VR-mode DVD-RW, DVD+RW or DVD-RAM Toast can read them in the Media Browser without their being finalized. However, if these are video-mode recordings they must be finalized before they can be read on the Mac. I don't know about PCs but I expect it is the same. You need to find one of the same-brand DVD recorders so you can finalize those discs.

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