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Dual Layer Data Disk Has Issues With Windows



I burned a large (5GB) Quicktime Movie to a Verbatim DVD+R Dual Layer disk using Toast 9.02 on a Mac G5 with an LG G5A-H55N burner. Toast was set for MAC+PC DL data disk.


The burned disk works fine in all of my Macs—that is, the disk mounts and the Quicktime file can be opened and played directly from the dual layer disk. But all Windows machines (I've tried 3) are telling me that the file is "not a file that Quicktime understands".


So as my first diagnostic test, I copied the file from the DL disk onto the PC's internal hard drive and tried to play it from the hard drive. Same error.


As my second test, I copied the original 5GB file from my Mac's hard drive to the PC's internal drive. That played fine.


So it seems there is something wrong with the way Toast 9.02 burned the data to the dual layer disk that makes its contents incompatible with Quicktime on Windows.


As a third test, I burned the same file to another Verbatim DVD+R DL disk using the Optiarc AD-7170A in my MacPro. Same problem—the Quicktime file on the DL disk is playable on Macs but not PC's.

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Just to be sure, you may also want to copy the file from the disc to the Hard Drive on the PC, then try to run it directly from the hard drive. Some PC apps have a problem opening files directly off of discs for some reason.



Thanks for the reply. That was actually my first test. I copied the file from the DL disk onto the internal PC hard drive, but the file still gave an error in Quicktime Player.


I'll try the UDF test when I get a chance.

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