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Purchasing Make Beleve Products



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There's some difficulty answering that question, since you haven't said why 'niether of them work' or given any detail at all.


Are you saying you bought software by download and didn't keep a copy of it at all, and 'niether of them work', ever??




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I have bought both the media 9 and 10 and niether of them work when i go to get a redownload they say my time has expired yet it still cost me about $165.00. Anyone else have a similiar problem? :angry2:


Where did you buy them from - directly from Roxio or from someplace like e-Bay or someplace like Amazon. I didn't know you could still get EMC 9 directly from Roxio. Why both EMC 9 and 10? That's almost a redundant purchase.


Contact the seller. If you got it from Roxio, remember there is a 30 day guarantee so you can get your $$ back. I'm sure a legitimate on line store will help but I'm not sure about an e-Bay seller.


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