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Install Converts All Existing Files...





Can someone please tell me how to install (or correct after install) EMC9 without it transfering/converting all existing files into Roxio? I do not want Roxio as my primary software for editing photo's or making backup or slideshow CD's.


I bought this software because I am unable to view a CD of our family geneology that was created on Roxio... It seems Roxio is very propriatory software...


After installing EMC9, all exisiting files on my computer (XP) opened with Roxio... and I was not able to create CD's with the programs I already have, use and enjoy. I uninstalled Roxio and had to jump through several hoops to get my system working correctly again.... :angry:


Please help if you can!


Thanx much!

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I presume that you mean all existing .iso files - right click on any iso, select 'open with' pick the app you want to use and then set that as the default


Roxio isn't that proprietary - it sounds as if you have a file created under Drag to Disc (packet writing) and ALL packet writing apps are 'proprietary' in that they will only open stuff they created - this includes ALL CD s/w, Vista writing app and so on

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