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Isrc Info Problems



Opening a Jam file with ISRC info in Toast does not display the info, it appears to be lost. If the same file is opened in Jam, the info is displayed. Re-saving in Jam as an image and opening this in Toast results in correct ISRC info.


However, our replicator (using Windows PC's) requires bin/cue files for short run productions.


I can "Save as bin/cue..." from Toast, but it appears (from inspecting the Cue file) that the ISRC info is again dropped.


Does Toast actually support ISRC info, when saving and exporting audio CDs? It would seem at this point that support is haphazard at best.


Are there other tools (Mac OS X) for converting Jam files to bin/cue? That's what we need at our facility. Toast is fine, if it will do the job, if not we'd be happy to know of alternatives.


The Big T



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