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Enhanced Audio Cd With Custom Hybrid Data



I understand how to make an Enhanced Audio CD using Toast 9, but I need to add a Custom Hybrid data partition. Is this possible in Toast 9? I do not want to use the "Mac & PC" data option as I need to have the Mac windows open to my settings. But if I choose "Custom Hybrid" from the data menu, the E-Audio CD ignores the data I add.


Here's what I am trying to accomplish:


1 CD that contains audio tracks playable in any CD-player or computer with a separate Mac partition containing specific Mac installers as well as a separate Windows partition that contains Windows installers. There will also be help files shared between the Mac and Windows partitions.


This is frustrating, so any help is greatly appreciated.



***Nevermind, I figured it out. Must burn the Enhanced Audio CD with no data and tell Toast in the burn options to only Write Session for the data. Then go back and create the hybrid and burn that part separately telling Toast to Write Disc this time.***

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