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After I use a program like MainMenu to clear my cache, I am able to transfer files from my TiVo to my laptop. The files are transferred, and a TiVo icon appears in the finder window. However, after I open one of these files using Toast Video Player, the TiVo icon is replaced by a generic document icon that looks like a sheet of paper with the top right corner of the paper folded down. Is there any way to prevent the disappearance of a meaningful icon for the generic one? I know I can copy and paste a picture using the "Get Info" feature from finder, but this seems ridiculous to have to do for every file that I transfer to my laptop, especially with software that I had to pay $99.99 for. I would even settle for icons that had something to do with Toast Video Player or anything other than the generic one. Is anyone else as frustrated by Toast as I am?!? If it wasn't for the Tivo/Roxio monopoly, I would have never wasted my money on it. Can anyone help me, please?!? I know it's just a minor, cosmetic issue, but it's one that really frustrates the crap out of me.

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I also have had this trouble, but have found a fix that has worked for me. From the <Info.plist> file of the Toast Video Player application it appears that the TiVo document icons were left out. Copying the icons file from the TiVo Transfer application to the player seems to fix the problem.


  1. Find the TiVo Transfer application in the Toast 9 Titanium folder (which is normally in the Applications folder), control-click (or "right-click") on it, and choose "Show Package Contents."
  2. Copy the <tivo.icns> icons file to your desktop and then rename it <TiVo.icns>.
  3. Close the TiVo Transfer package window.
  4. Find the Toast Titanium application, control-click (or "right-click") on it, and choose "Show Package Contents."
  5. Navigate to the Toast Video Player application in the Resources folder of the Contents folder (full path will be similar to </Applications/Toast 9 Titanium/Toast Titanium.app/Contents/Resources/Toast Video Player.app>).
  6. Control-click (or "right-click") on the Toast Video Player application, and choose "Show Package Contents."
  7. Drag and drop the <TiVo.icns> file into the Resources folder that's in the Contents folder of the Toast Video Player application's package.
  8. Close both the Toast Video Player package and the Toast Titanium package windows.

After doing the above and opening my folder of downloaded TiVo recordings, the icons appeared with the TiVo icon instead of the blank generic document icon.

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