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Cd Spin Doctor - Aac Files In Itunes Named 'untitled'



I have a legitamate book on tape that I used CD Spin doctor to capture, save as AAC into iTunes.

Unfortunately, every tape's side is named "Untitled Track 01.m4a" ... "Untitled Track 12.m4a"


So in OS X 10.4.11 I used automater on each sides' folder of 12 files, to rename them to

"Dragon Harper Tp1A, Clp01.m4a" ... "Dragon Harper Tp1A, Clp12.m4a".


Now here's the problem.

When I drag, Import, or Add To Library the file or files, they always come in as "Untitled Track 01"


The file IS named correctly, verified in Finder and in UNIX.

The problem is in an attribute in the file.


If I open the file in QuickTime, its resource (the file name) is correct.

The 'Title' is "Untitled Track 01"


I've searched a LOT, and have tried rebuilding iTunes completely using the files there. But it STILL gives me Untitled Track 01, even when the file I put there before having iTunes discover it is named Dragon Harper...


Any ideas?




A solution from Roxio would be to allow the user to not only enter the Album and Artist, but 'Title' field for m4a files.

AND THAT MUST ALLOW sequential numbering (up to 3 digits), with an optional starting number.


i.e.: The 2nd side of tape one I would set the Album & Artist, and set Title Core as "Dragon Harper Tp1B, Clp" and CD Spin Doctor would let me designate 2 digits for the sequential numbering, starting at 13.

So I'd end out with "Dragon Harper Tp1B, Clp13.m4a" ... for the tracks CD Spin Doctor exports to iTunes.




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I'm unclear about your description. If you drag across the entire waveform in Spin Doctor you'll get an untitled track 1 appearing in the track list. Edit that track name and export the track (which is the entire audio file) to iTunes.

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I used CD Spin Dr to export to iTunes, it made m4a files (I'm not there, I HOPE that's right). That option is new is version 9.

Problem is with MORE THAN ONE CAPTURE and wanting a sequential list of the files, (capture segments), I need to rename them, either starting at 1 and going on-and-on for 8 tapes * 2 sides * 12 segments -OR- do something like BookName Tape1A Clip##

Either way, the entire 16 sides must have an alpha-sortable naming convention.


Since iTunes doesn't have its own sequential naming tool, I took the songs out of the iTunes folder. Renamed them. Deleted (via iTunes) the original import, then imported the newly renamed files.


That's when the problem starts.


All the files still have CD Spin Dr's original names once back in iTunes, even though the files had my naming convention. And once in iTunes the actual files get renamed back to Spin Dr's names (Untitled Track ##).




Playing around more, here's the only work-around I found.

If I open each file from any format, and export via QT Pro (only) as .mp3 files (w/ a typed o pasted-in name -- QT Pro will also revert to that dang "Untitled Track 01"), THEN AND ONLY THEN will the track, once imported into iTunes, keep the name that I want!


A case of going the LOOONG way around the barn.

I think that it's that .m4a format. Looking at it in QT Pro, the Annotation "Title" is still the "Untitled Track ##" even if the file is named otherwise.


If I was importing ONLY one capture (& its segments) then CS Spin Dr's method would work (though in reality one would then manually type the correct name for each segment).


However, the best solution would be if Spin Dr allowed a user-enterable text base-name, and sequentially numbered the files, and then THAT was exported to iTunes, then life would be good!

* The user must be able to designate how many zero-padded digits as ultimately there will be more than 99 tracks, even if the capture event was broken into 12 segments. Two digits wouldn't work if in my case I'd have 8 tapes * 2 sides * 12 segments. I'd need 3 digits.

* The user would also need to be able to start the numbering at something other than 1 for subsequent captures.



Thanks for listening/reading.


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You might see if something at dougscripts.com could automate this.


I have an application called Expression Media that can create catalogs of various media files including AAC. It has a batch renaming tool where you enter the fixed name and then enter your starting number along with how many digits the series needs to encompass. You get the name and number in the name field. It may do what you want but it's not cheap.

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